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The more we do, the less you have to do. 


SSMG specializes in Conference Membership and the development of Realignment strategies; Affiliate Sport Membership and Sport Sponsorships; Departmental Analysis; Regular Season Scheduling Evaluations and Creation; Sponsorship Generation and Fulfillment; Multi-Media Rights Strategies and Negotiation; Event Production and Management; Venue and Live Event Assessments.  

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A track record of meeting the most in-demand needs

  • Conference Membership/Realignment Opportunities


  • Affiliate Sport Membership Feasibility Studies and Overall Sport Sponsorship Analysis


  • Detailed Departmental Assessments

    • Inclusive of but not limited to Internal Administration, External Relations/Fundraising, Strategic Communications and PR, Compliance/Governance, Event Operations, Facility Management, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


  • Regular Season Scheduling Evaluations and Creation

    • RPI strategies and optimizing success for NCAA postseason bid opportunities and performance

    • Travel and cost-efficiencies

    • Missed-class time reductions

    • Playdate and sports overlap optimization


  • Championship Event Techniques

    • Event Production and Management

    • Staff Recruitment and Placement

    • Daily Schedule Analysis

    • Strategic Marketing and Advertising

    • Vendor Procurement


  • Sponsorship Generation and Fulfillment

    • Focused business development and sponsor generation, inclusive of identification, vetting, negotiation, and fulfillment

    • Maximizing existing inventory – traditional and digital – and identifying new supplies

    • Impactful and memorable game-day activations

    • Improving sponsor’s ROI

  • Multi-Media Rights Strategies and Negotiation

    • RFP process

    • Vetting of prospective rights holders

    • Extracting ideal terms and conditions

  • Venue and Event Management

    • Analysis and Recommendations

    • Live Event Assessment

    • Contract Analysis and Negotiations

    • Management and Settlements


  • ...and Special/Confidential projects as assigned by the Director of Athletics or Commissioner

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